Attendance Issues

Absences and missed exams

As an IU student, it is your responsibility to attend all your classes and submit your assignments according to the syllabus provided at the beginning of each course.

If you have a concern about the need to miss class or an assignment, you should discuss this concern with your instructor as soon as possible.

Absence notification memos

If you are hospitalized or have a death in your immediate family, contact the Dean of Students Office to request an absence notification memo. We will verify documentation related to your absence, contact your instructors, and support you during the time of crisis. Please note, it is up to each instructor to decide whether to excuse an absence and if any alternative arrangements will be required and it is your responsibility to be in contact with your instructor when you are able to return to determine what steps need to be taken to make up missed class time and coursework. Additionally, we may not be able to provide a memo if you do not make contact us within a reasonable timeframe.

Excused absences

If you have a chronic medical condition that may affect your attendance, contact Disability Services for Students to determine if any academic accommodations would be of assistance.

Instructors must reasonably accommodate students who want to observe their religious holidays at times when academic requirements conflict with those observances.

As a student, you must notify your instructor as early in the semester as possible of any conflicts with the course and your religious and civic observances.

If your absence is the result of threats to your personal safety or security, please contact our Confidential Victim Advocate at 812-856-2469. Remember, if you are in immediate danger, contact the police by dialing 911.

Each academic year, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students provides faculty with a recommendation to allow students who miss class time due to “university-sanctioned curricular and extracurricular activities” a reasonable opportunity to submit missed assignments and take missed exams at another time without penalty.

University-sanctioned curricular and extracurricular activities are considered to be travel to and performance in:

  • Concerts
  • Artistic presentation
  • Athletics events
  • Academic competition
  • Participation in workshops and conferences