Due to COVID-19, many of the Student Affairs departments and programs are working remotely.

To reach us, please call 812-855-8187 or email and we will be in touch to support you and answer any questions you may have.

For the latest information about this semester, please visit

If you think or know you are a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, you are at risk of developing infection. For the next 14 days, stay home: do not interact with others! Self-report as a close contact and you will receive more info. Testing negative now will not reduce the duration of your quarantine: there is no need to get tested unless you develop symptoms of infection. If you develop symptoms, seek assistance through the virtual hub

We’re here for student success

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We’re here to help you

We help students who are struggling, guide them through university processes like appealing a grade or withdrawing from courses, and even offer free legal advice.

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We’re here to inspire you

We support student organizations, sororities, fraternities, leadership programs, and community engagement projects that get you involved outside the classroom.

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We’re here to create a safe and healthy student experience

While prevention is our goal, we provide victim advocacy and support to students who experience sexual assault, harassment, discrimination, stalking, and other threats to personal safety.

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We’re here when you make mistakes

We investigate every allegation of student misconduct and oversee the campus judicial process. You can also come to us when you need to report something you saw or experienced.

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