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So you’re planning an event on the Indiana University Bloomington campus—but you’re a student, not an event planner. You’ve come to the right place.

Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SIL) Space Reservations typically helps over 2,000 events happen on the IU campus each semester. Let our office support your planning so that you can have a safe and successful event at IU.

Student organizations must follow the Indiana University Event and Conference Guidance. Additional guidelines and best practice recommendations for student organization events are available on the Manage a Student Organization web page. All gatherings on or off campus with 50 or more planned attendees require review and confirmation by the University Event Request Committee (UERC) as outlined here.

Continue reading below for information about submitting a Space Reservation Request.



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Who can host events on campus?

Registered student organizations at Indiana University Bloomington may request both indoor and outdoor campus spaces and get help planning an event that meets campus requirements through SIL Space Reservations.

If you are submitting a request on behalf of a student organization, the group must be registered on beINvolved, and you must be on that organization's beINvolved group roster.

If you are submitting a request for outdoor space on behalf of an IU department or center, you must be a full- or part-time employee on that department or center's staff.

How to reserve space on campus

  1. Read and understand all event guidelines and policies on this page and those related to the COVID event guidelines. If you are hosting a political event, protest, or demonstration, be sure to read the individual policies below for political campaigning and raising awareness.
  2. For all indoor and outdoor space requests, submit the Space Reservation Request Form online.
  3. For designated Open Air Venues, submit the Open Air Venue Request Form available through the Open Air Venue website instead of the Space Reservation Request form.
  4. Complete the event checklist, if required.

If available, the requested space may be held for your organization until the event is reviewed and confirmed by the UERC if required. The reservation is not final until both the UERC response and space reservation confirmation have been received.

Things to consider when planning your event

  • Will your event need security? All events that have large attendance, pose security risks, or are open to the public are required to have security personnel.
  • Will your event have a DJ, band, musical artist, or emcee? If you need staging, lighting, or sound equipment, you must hire the university’s approved vendor to set up, manage, and tear down the equipment.
  • Will you serve food or beverages to the public at your event? You must submit a Temporary Food Service Application at least five business days before the event date.
  • Is your event geared toward children? If your organization is working with children, please read the university policy on Programs Involving Children.
  • Is your event sponsored by an outside organization? At least one representative from your student organization must be present for the duration of the event. Otherwise, the outside organization will be asked to leave.

Refer to the policies and guidelines outlined above for additional details on these topics.

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