Student Legal Services


Student Legal Services is moving to a new campus location during the Fall 2021 semester. Until we move into our new location, Student Legal Services attorneys and legal interns will continue to meet with clients remotely.

To request a virtual appointment, please complete our Intake Form. Please note that most appointments will be scheduled between the 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you need to speak with someone before submitting an intake, please call 812-855-7867, and we will be in touch to answer your questions and provide any additional support you need.

Trust us with your legal issues

Dealing with a legal dispute, regardless of who is at fault, can be overwhelming. Without legal advice and the power of a trusted attorney, legal matters can even derail your academic career.

Student Legal Services has offered confidential legal advice and representation to IU Bloomington students since 1971. We’ve truly seen it all. If you are in legal trouble, or just have a legal question, but aren’t sure how or if we can help, call us anyway.

What we do

We provide free, confidential legal advice and services for IU Bloomington students. We'll even represent you in court for civil (non-criminal) cases.

These services are covered by your student activity fee, so let us help. Our licensed attorneys and legal interns are experienced in handling a variety of legal matters. Let us be your safety net, so you can stay focused on your studies.

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Paid in full

If you are an IU Bloomington student, you have already paid for our services. Our office is funded from the Student Activity Fee (we get around $9 from each student), which was assessed along with tuition and other charges on your bursar bill. This means that our advice and representation are available at no extra charge. Usually, the only out-of-pocket expenses for our student clients are court fees.