Gear Rental


Due to COVID-19, limited gear rentals are available by appointment only.

COVID-19 Parameters for Public Rentals

Gear rentals are available by appointment only with curbside pick-up/drop-off during our open hours. Whenever possible, we recommend submitting your gear request at least one week in advance to ensure our staff have ample time to finalize your rental. However, we cannot guarantee that equipment will be available. If your gear request is approved, please prepare to take the following precautions upon your arrival to Outdoor Adventures:

  • Wear a mask at all times. Our Adventure Specialist staff will bring the gear outside to your vehicle and electronic paperwork will be exchanged through your car window.
  • Payment will be taken in advanced over the phone.
  • If getting outside of your vehicle, please maintain a 6-foot distance at all times.
  • Be prepared to follow any additional instructions as posted outside of our facility upon your arrival. Please pull up curbside behind Eigenmann Hall.

Gear Rental Request

All IU students receive a 10% discount on personal rentals.

Rental rates

Gear rental reservations can be made on site during our open hours, but drop-in reservations cannot be guaranteed. In order to provide you with the equipment you need, we recommend that the rental request be submitted 48 hours in advance.

Item1 night2–3 nights4–7 nights
Mountain bike (includes a helmet and repair kit)$30$56$86
Bike rack for vehicle$10$16$26
Bike lock$3$5$8
Item1 night2–3 nights4–7 nights
Two-person tent$17$25$42
Three-person tent$19$27$46
Four-person tent$21$29$50
Six-person tent$24$32$50
Plastic tarp$3$4$7
Nylon tarp$9$13$22
Sleeping bag (includes pad)$11$18$29
Sleeping pad only$3$5$8
Camp chair$4$6$10
Pack cover$3$5$8
Trekking poles$7$12$19
Duluth sack$6$10$16
Water dromedary$6$10$16
Rock climbing
Item1 night2–3 nights4–7 nights
Climbing shoes$7$12$19
Bouldering pad$17$30$47
Stoves and lanterns
Item1 night2–3 nights4–7 nights
Backpacking stove$10$16$26
Two-burner stove$10$16$26
Propane lantern$10$16$26

Cook kits and kitchen utensils are available by request.

Water activities
Item1 night2–3 nights4–7 nights
Recreational kayak$30$56$86
Whitewater kayak$30$56$86
Paddle board$30$56$86
Sea kayak$32$60$92
Tandem kayak$34$66$100
Winter activities
Item1 night2–3 nights4–7 nights
Cross-country skis and poles$15$24$39
Cross-country boots$10$18$28

Long-term rental discounts

Discounts are available for long-term (more than one week) rentals.

  • 8–14 nights: 10% off standard daily rental rate
  • 15–21 nights: 20% off standard daily rental rate
  • 22–28 nights: 30% off standard daily rental rate
  • 29+ nights: 40% off standard daily rental rate

Gear Rental Request