Do you need accommodations to perform at your best in an academic setting? If so, we can help.

The Office of Disability Services for Students (DSS) specializes in assisting students with various disabilities including physical, psychological, learning, neurological, medical, vision, hearing, and temporary impairments to achieve their academic goals.

We work with you and your instructors to facilitate accommodations and to link you to resources – tutoring, mentoring and internship programs, housing and transportation service, community – essential to success.  

Are You Considering Attending Indiana University?

If you are thinking about attending IU and have a disability, here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • You should call or visit the Office of Disability Services for Students in your junior or senior year of high school to learn about services at the college level.
  • The responsibilities of post-secondary schools like IU are significantly different from those of school districts at a secondary level.
  • You should read all the information on the DSS website to better understand our procedures and guidelines relating to receiving accommodations, meeting with our coordinators, and meeting with professors.

Support Our Work

Give NowGifts to the Disability Services for Students Fund will be used as general support of the Office of Disability Services and may be used to underwrite the costs associated with student programming and services, to sponsor speakers for events, purchase special equipment and supplies, and to promote the services offered by the office, and more.