veterans support services staff

If you are serving on active duty stationed in Indiana on PCS orders, you and your spouse may be considered nonresidents of the state of Indiana for university tuition purposes. However, your military status entitles you to a remission of the nonresident portion of your credit hour fees. If you wish to be considered for fee remission, you must provide a copy of the military orders to the Office of the Bursar. Spouses of military personnel must produce a military-issued identification card in addition to military orders. Once your eligibility has been determined, the bursar’s office will remit the nonresident portion of the credit hour fees.

The residency status of children of full-time military personnel is addressed by Trustees Residence Guidelines, Rule 2(c).

If you are a veteran with an honorable discharge who is enrolling as a non-resident student within 12 months of separation from service, you may qualify for a residency exception under Senate Enrolled Act 177 or 434. Current members of the Indiana National Guard are also eligible.

You must present a copy of your DD214 or proof of current NG membership to the VSS staff. You are also required to show intent to establish residency by providing an Indiana driver’s license, IN automobile registration, or IN voter registration within your first 12 months at IU. This does not change your residency classification, but provides a reduction in tuition charges down to the resident (in-state) rate.

If you are a veteran or dependent using Post 9/11 or Montgomery GI Bill benefits within 3 years after final discharge or on terminal leave, you may qualify to receive resident tuition rates. Learn more about the Choice Act.