Enrollment Information

helpful veterans affairs staffer

To help alleviate any enrollment difficulties, these policies are outlined to assist you in the enrollment process.

Full-time Student Status

If all courses you are enrolled in meet for the entire semester and count toward your degree program, you need 12 undergraduate or 8 graduate credit hours to be considered full time by the VA. Courses with a shortened duration may affect your benefits. If you are unsure about your status, discuss your situation with us.

Request Enrollment Certification

You are required to complete the Veteran Request for Enrollment Certification form each semester and submit it to our office. We cannot report your enrollment information to the VA without your signature on this form.

Verifying Enrollment

After obtaining your benefits under all chapters except 33 (Post 9/11), you will need to confirm your enrollment with the VA each month by calling 877-823-2378 or by reporting it online at the GI Bill® Website.

Veterans Enrolled in Distance Education Programs

For students enrolled in distance education programs, it is important to note that you are still responsible for completing the necessary steps to obtain your VA benefits. However, your process for completing those steps may vary slightly from veterans enrolled in traditional courses. Contact our office for assistance

Withdrawal from Classes

If you are called to active duty, specialized training, or as part of disaster relief efforts, you may withdraw from all courses and receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. With the permission of the instructor, you may receive an incomplete or a final grade in your courses. You must provide a copy of your orders to Veterans Support Services with a signed note requesting withdrawal. See the Office of the Registrar website for details concerning this policy. Contact our office to initiate a request.

Please note: GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.