Request an Accessible Van

Van Service Rules and Student Responsibilities

  • The van will not wait for you if you are late for pickup. If you miss the van, you will be recorded as a no-show.
  • If you miss a pickup, you may call the van coordinator to request that the van return to pick you up. The van driver will make all other stops before returning for you.

  • If you have excessive cancellations, you will be required to meet with the van coordinator to figure out the cause of your cancellations and to determine if you remain eligible to use the van service.
  • If you’re still eligible, the van coordinator will work with you to address the cause of your cancellations and ensure that you avoid future cancellations.
  • If you’re no longer eligible, any scheduled rides will be cancelled immediately.

  • If you miss a ride without calling ahead to cancel it, you are considered a no-show. If this happens, the van service will take your name off the schedule for that day. If you need other rides that day, you should call the van coordinator to reschedule.
  • If you miss scheduled rides on two consecutive days or on three nonconsecutive days in one week, you will lose your van service privileges. You may reinstate your privileges by meeting with your DSS access coordinator or the DSS director to explain the circumstances that led to the missed rides.