Exam Request Form (ERF)

Submit an Exam Request Form

PLEASE NOTE: The ERF has changed since the 2019-2020 academic year.

Instructors who need to arrange for a student to take an exam in-person at the Office of Disability Services for Students (DSS) should submit the Exam Request Form (ERF) found below.

Form Instructions

Please complete this request form for your student to schedule an in-person exam appointment at the DSS office space. Students must be registered with DSS and have presented you with their current academic accommodations memo.

DSS is operating under very limited testing space and following social distancing protocol. As such, proctors are overseeing exam facilitation via webcam using Zoom. Check-in procedures (such as ID checks and putting away personal items in DSS lockers) are otherwise unchanged. In the case of suspicious testing activity, the Support Services Coordinator is able to attend to the situation in-person.

To ensure adequate time for the student to schedule their exams and reserve a space, instructors should complete the ERF 10 business days in advance for regular semester exams and 15 business days in advance for final exams.

Instructors will need to submit one ERF per DSS student. The exam will be administered and proctored as per the instructions provided on this form. Exam materials may be sent directly to DSSTESTS@indiana.edu or delivered to the DSS office in Wells Library, West Tower, Room W302. All exam materials and distribution details should be sent to DSS at least 24 hours in advance of exam time for administrative preparation.

If you are interested in a remotely proctored online exam, outside of the DSS office, we would facilitate this via webcam only. Please see our Online ERF guidelines and form. Please note that this arrangement requires extra faculty involvement, and is reserved on a case-by-case basis.

The student will receive an email reminder to schedule their test at DSS. It is still the student's responsibility to contact DSS (by phone or email) to schedule an exam appointment. Walk-in scheduling is not permitted at this time.