Disability Services


If you need assistance from our team, please call 812.855.7578 or email iubdss@indiana.edu to schedule an appointment or for further assistance.

For the latest information, please visit covid.iu.edu.

Help for students with disabilities

The Office of Disability Services for Students is dedicated to ensuring that students with disabilities have the tools, support services, and resources that allow equal access and reasonable accommodations to be successful at Indiana University Bloomington.

We work with you and appropriate university personnel to offer equal access to learning, educate the IU Bloomington community about diversity and inclusion, and link you to essential resources for success.

Our guiding principles

  • All students provide a valuable contribution to the diversity of IU Bloomington.
  • All students must be treated with dignity and respect.
  • All students have the right to self-determination and to be fully informed of their options.

How do I register for disability services?

Whether you have a permanent or temporary disability, you can register for services through the Office of Disability Services for Students.

If you are a current IU Bloomington student, your first step is documenting your disability. Read the documentation criteria to be sure you qualify for disability services.

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student who needs testing accommodations to complete your placement exam, you can request placement exam accommodations using an online form.

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Transitioning to college with a disability

If you are a future IU Bloomington student with a disability:

  • Call or visit our office during your junior or senior year of high school to learn about disability services at the college level, which may differ significantly from the services available to you in high school.
  • Take your college admissions exam with accommodations.
  • Understand campus accessibility at IU Bloomington, and request any additional accommodations before classes begin. Individualized accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis with supporting documentation, history of accommodations, and self reporting.

The IU admission application does not require you to disclose your disability. Please contact our office to better understand our procedures and guidelines related to disability support services. You can also schedule a prospective appointment by calling 812-855-7578 or emailing iubdss@indiana.edu.

Guidance for faculty

Faculty play a key role in creating a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible educational environment at IU Bloomington. If you are a faculty member, the Office of Disability Services for Students can help you understand your responsibilities for providing academic accommodations to students with disabilities.

Learn about faculty responsibilities
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