All For You

All for you

Hoosiers, the staff on campus work behind the scenes to keep you safe, healthy, and prepared for whatever comes next.  We want you to thrive here at Indiana University. With the unprecedented levels of changes to our lives, changes in how we learn and go to class, changes in work and employment, and changes in our social lives, together we will emerge from these moments because we are Hoosiers tried and true.

We offer resources to help Hoosiers continue to thrive, even though we are separated and away from campus.  We’re still Hoosiers and we’re going to keep learning, keep teaching, keep helping each other, and keep thriving! 

Resources for IU Students

With all the changes, many of us may be feeling anxious, worried or stressed. IU has many resources that can help you cope with the anxiety and stress that we may be navigating during this time. 

Consider Counseling Services

You can schedule a 30-minute virtual visit with a counselor, visit here to get started.


Offers free virtual workshops on mindfulness, beating anxiety, time management, and stress management.

WellTrack App

Looking for ways to improve your stress management, general wellness, resiliency, or mood? WellTrack is a new app that offers self-assessments, tools to manage anxiety and depression, progress tracking, and much more. It’s available to ALL IU students for FREE! Download the app and learn more on the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) website.


During this time of uncertainty and transition many of us are already grieving many different types of losses. These might include in-person interactions, social connection, job stability, economic security, daily routines, and milestone experiences and events. Several of us are also experiencing anticipatory grief over losses we expect to face in the future, and some of us have already lost a loved one. Our sense of the world around us has been shifted, as have our beliefs about the stability and security of our society. Below we have listed some resources on how to take care of yourself after a loss and other resources that we hope will help you navigate this difficult time.

Submit a Care Referral

A Care Referral is an easy way to request help with an issue or concern, especially if you don’t know which office or department to contact.

Consider a CAPS Counseling Services

You can schedule a 30-minute virtual visit with a counselor, visit here to get started.

For many of us, this is a different way to live with no large gatherings, no face-to-face contact and the need to practice social distancing from others. But social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. Campus departments are still providing opportunities for you to stay connected while social distancing.

Activities to Defeat Boredom

The Student Involvement and Leadership Center put together a list of Virtual Program opportunities you can do from the comfort of your couch.

The Arts at IU

Weekly Arts at IU event, Thursdays@Home is a variety program featuring live performances by IU faculty and students from a wide range of disciplines and creative practices, from music and poetry to dance and theater, and more! Find a schedule of events for Thursdays@Home here.

IU Arts and Humanities Council

Weekly Wednesday at 8pm EST live streaming series of A&H talks and presentations about COVID-19 and related phenomena. Check out the A&H weekly newsletter for updates on arts and humanities programming.

IU Auditorium

This is just an intermission from in-person IU Auditorium events, however, visit here for some virtual ways to stay engaged in the arts.

IU Cinema

Experience film from home with Q&A opportunities and virtual screening events. Click here to access their online event calendar.

Late Nite

The Weekly Late Nite series returns at the start of the fall semester.  The weekly Late Nite series includes both virtual events and small in-person events.  There are so many opportunities for you to engage with fellow Hoosiers through Late Nite programming, visit our page every week to see what’s new with Late Nite. 

In addition to anxiety about health and distance learning, you may be experiencing significant financial stress. We recognize that there won’t always be a solution to financial stress, however, IU is here to help.

Get help with unexpected expenses by applying for Emergency Funding from the Student Advocates Office.

Crimson Cupboard Food Pantry

Crimson Cupboard offers free food to IU Bloomington students. Stocked by donations and staffed by volunteers this special food pantry lessens the effects of poverty and food insecurity in our community.

Off-Campus Lease Help from Student Legal Services

You may need some guidance on how best to manage your off-campus lease during these financial uncertainties. Student Legal Services offers confidential legal advice and representation to IU Bloomington students. Visit here for more information or to request an appointment.

Working Through COVID-19 (IUHR)

Student employees play an important role on-campus.  For general guidance and a FAQ section to help you manage your IU employment during this time, visit IU Human Resources.


MoneySmarts is a resource to help you make informed financial decisions before, during, and after college. The program is designed to help you establish good money habits and to help reduce student debt as much as possible. Whether you want to learn through podcasts, blog posts and articles, or take a course through MoneySmarts U, this free resource is here to increase your financial literacy.


Staying at home for a prolonged amount of time can pose a substantial challenge for remaining physically active, eating well, and getting proper amounts of sleep.  Here are some IU resources to help you maintain or even begin to practice healthy practices to help you manage your physical health.

IU Recreational Sports

Provides guided group exercise sessions brought to you by our nationally certified leaders in video format. Visit here to get started.

Questions about exercise, nutrition or sleep, you can ask a member of the IU Recreational Sports Personal Training Team. They are here for you, fill out this online survey to get started.

IU Student Health Center: Health and Wellness

Schedule a Health Coach Session: Coaching sessions guide you in shaping and refining your goals, celebrating your successes, aiding you in finding your motivation, and keeping you on track to be the best you. Once you have the guidance you need, you’ll be prepared to make choices that will keep you healthy for the rest of your life.

IU Student Health Center offers nutrition consultation appointments virtually, get started today on taking charge of healthy eating.

The IU Student Health Center is open for both in-person appointments and virtual appointments, visit here for more information.

Career Development Center

All career services offices are offering virtual career coaching for students. You can find that information by visiting the career website associated with your school or contacting the Career Development Center directly.

Virtual programs including virtual career fairs continue in order to help you navigate the job search and internship process. Visit your career services offices within your school to find the upcoming events calendar.

During this time, we must keep learning through different online avenues.  These new avenues require new strategies and tools, IU has resources to help you manage this new way of learning.

Keep Learning IU is a great resource providing you with tips and strategies to help you as coursework moves online.

If you need learning accommodations, you can request help from Disability Services for Students to start that process.

Have questions about tech tools, contact UITS Support Center, this team is here to help you.

Bias Incident Response

The Bias Incident Response team reviews reports regarding incidents of bias, hate, harassment, or discrimination, to create awareness and to influence change on campus.

Culture of Care

Culture of Care is a student-led, staff-supported initiative fostering Hoosier-to-Hoosier care in sexual well-being, mental health, and respect.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy

The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy provides bystander intervention training, confidential support, and prevention resources for sexual violence and misconduct.

Substance Use Intervention Services & Collegiate Recovery Community

A safe, judgment-free alcohol and drug information and intervention center and a recovery community.


On beINvolved, discover hundreds of student organizations as well as sororities and fraternities. Get involved to enhance your Hoosier experience.

Indiana Memorial Union

The Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) is the living room of campus where all Hoosiers can get involved, eat, have fun, relax, study, and belong.

IU Outdoor Adventures

IU Outdoor Adventures (IUOA) provides opportunities to participate in adventure trips, workshops, and other meaningful outdoor activities in Bloomington and beyond.

Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life 

The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life (OSFL) Provides support, training, and oversight for sororities and fraternities by promoting leadership development and good citizenship. 

Student Involvement and Leadership Center

The Student Involvement and Leadership Center fosters growth and learning among students and student organizations by supporting inclusive and engaging experiences.