Student Organizations


Restrictions on IU Logos and Wordmarks


Any organization considering use of the Official Student Organization Mark for advertising or printing of promotional items must comply with the policies of IU’s Office of Licensing and Trademarks.

Please Note: student organizations are not able to use the any IU trademarked materials, including the Block IU, without permission from IU’s Office of Licensing and Trademarks.

Failure to Comply with Advertising Policies

Student Life and Learning will notify organizations failing to comply with the posting/chalking policies of their violation. In addition, Student Life and Learning will ensure that posters inappropriately placed are removed and that the responsible organization is assessed any related cost. Failure to comply with the advertising policy may result in a verbal, written or other suspension of benefits by Student Life and Learning and sanctioning through the Student Organization Ethics Board.

Required Language on Materials

The self-governed student organization (SGSO) shall, without exception, include the following statement in any of the SGSO's written materials, as well as on all pages of any SGSO website or social media page:

“Although this organization has members who are Indiana University students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions.”

The SGSO will also include the following statement within the publication in a type and size that is clear and legible to the reader:

“[NAME OF SGSO], an independent student organization located at Indiana University, produced and is responsible for the content of this publication. This publication was not reviewed or approved by, nor does it necessarily express or reflect the policies or opinions of, Indiana University or its designated representatives.”

Posting Flyers On Campus

Please review the guidelines for posting flyers on campus.

Other On-Campus Advertising Resources

Registered student organizations can use to post events and news articles for view by other students and organizations across campus. Events submitted to beINvolved will also be included in the IUB campus calendar.



Your organization is encouraged to use chalking in appropriate areas as a cost-efficient and effective way of advertising for your group. 

No chalking is allowed on vertical surfaces (walls, buildings, the Sample Gates, etc.). Chalking is only allowed on sidewalks where rain can wash the chalk away.

Waterproof and spray chalk are prohibited.

Specifically, chalking is prohibited in the following areas:

  • All Indiana University buildings
  • On exterior facades of buildings
  • On walls, columns, terrace retaining walls, walkways, steps, limestone benches or covered entry walkways into the building
  • Steps or stairs attached or leading toward any buildings
  • Underneath any covering (areas which will not be washed away by rainfall)
  • Within 10 feet of any door or building entrance
  • Indiana Memorial Union: Sidewalks in the wooded area west of the IMU
Bridge Painting

The bridges on Jordan between 10th Street and Law Lane have been designated for painting by students and student organizations on campus. Painting on sidewalks adjacent to the bridges is strictly prohibited. Spilled paint on sidewalks should immediately be removed. IU Grounds may charge groups for paint on sidewalks. No other painting of any sort is permitted on any University property.

Guidelines for painting the bridges:

  • Painting the bridges is on a first come, first use basis. All students and student organizations have equal access to the bridges.
  • Respectfully, students and student organizations are expected not to cover or “guard” the bridges after painting them and thus may not prevent other students and student organizations from painting over their work.
Arbutus—Indiana University’s Yearbook

The Arbutus is the annual campus yearbook for Indiana University Bloomington. Student organizations are strongly encouraged to schedule a time to have their organization’s picture taken to be included in the yearbook. Please contact for more information.


Go.IU.Edu is a URL shortening and QR code service for Indiana University. Make a short URL or QR code for advertising on flyers, etc.


All advertising is subject to approval by the IDS.

For advertising rates, contact the IDS Advertising Dept. at 855-0763 Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm or visit

Student organizations receive reduced IDS ad rates. You must pay in advance. You may charge your SOA account if sufficient funds are available by filling out the appropriate paperwork which the IDS will provide.

To have your event published in the Happenings calendar, a weekly calendar of events posted online, call the IDS at the number listed above, or submit your event online at:

IU Bus Ads

Post your event ads on the IU Transit buses! Contact 855-8961 or visit Campus Bus Services.

IU Student Television

Indiana University Student Television (IUSTV) is a completely student-created and student-run television station located here on campus.

Television Advertising

IUSTV can work with student organizations to create commercials for paid advertising spots. The commercials air during regularly scheduled programming on IUSTV’s campus cable channel 2. Visit for more information on advertising your event. If you would like to pitch a news story about your organization to IUSTV, please email us at with the subject ATTN: Programming Director: Show.