Consequences of Suspension

Being suspended does not revoke your admission to Indiana University, but there are consequences. See the items below to learn how a period of suspension will impact your access to university resources and services.


The Dean of Students, via the Office of Student Conduct, places students who are suspended on the University checklist during the period of suspension. When your suspension is over, you are removed from the checklist.

You are welcome to call our office at (812) 855-5419 to make sure that you have been released from the checklist.

Withdrawing from Classes

You should withdraw from all classes so that you do not incur all F’ s for non-attendance, if you are passing the courses you are taking. Contact the Student Advocates Office at (812) 855-0761 for assistance with this process.

Registering for Classes

During a period of suspension you cannot register for classes on this campus or any other IU campus, including IUPUI. Your registration privileges will be reinstated the first business day after your suspension ends. However, if you are on the University checklist for any other reasons (e.g. other unresolved disciplinary matters, unpaid tuition, overdue parking fines, poor academic performance, etc.), you will need to resolve these other matters before you can register for classes.

If you choose to take classes from another non-IU campus, contact your academic advisor—when not under suspension—to determine if your credits will transfer. Transferring credits to IU is dependent on a variety of factors, including what courses they are, from where they are being transferred, what degree requirements they might fulfill for you.

The Office of the Registrar and Your Transcript

All activities via the Registrar’s Office are restricted during the period of suspension. A notation is placed on your transcript that you are suspended from Indiana University. During a period of suspension, you will not be able to request an official transcript. However, for the purposes of transferring to another college or university, an exception is usually granted. When the suspension ends, the notation is removed from your transcript, and access to the Registrar is reinstated.

If you would like to request a transcript for the purposes of transferring to another college or university, contact the Office of Student Conduct.

Tuition and Financial Aid

You may be eligible for a partial refund of your tuition and fees. Any refund, which may be available to you, is dependent upon:

  • the time of the semester when you withdraw from classes
  • the circumstances of the withdrawal.

Contact the Office of the Bursar at (812) 855-2636 for the answer to this question.

Because there are so many different types of financial aid from multiple sources, each with specific stipulations, you should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to find out the impact of the suspension on the type of financial aid you might be receiving.

Residence Halls and Fraternity/Sorority Housing

Students who are on suspension cannot live in IU Residence Halls. Students who live in University residence halls must be enrolled in classes.  If you live in a fraternity or sorority house, you should check with your national headquarters or House Corporation to find out if you have to be enrolled to live in your chapter house.

University Services

E-mail and other Technology Services

All your technology accounts, including your IU e-mail account, are blocked while the suspension is served. Once the suspension is over, your accounts are reinstated.

Counseling and Advising Services

During periods of suspension, students do not have access to any university counseling and advising services. This includes appointments at Counseling and Psychological Services and general academic advising appointments.


You may continue to use the SRSC and HPER during your period of suspension, but not with your student ID. You will need to purchase a day pass.