Conflict Coaching and Mediation

Are you having a disagreement with your roommate? Is tension high between you and your lab partners? Are you unable to resolve the conflict on your own? If so, we can can help.

The Office of Student Conduct offers IU students conflict coaching and mediation services. Both services can help you:

  • Resolve interpersonal conflict
  • Develop strategies for effective communication
  • Resolve conflicts within the campus community
Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a confidential, one-on-one process. You will work with an Office of Student Conduct staff member to discuss communication styles and conflict resolution strategies. Your conflict coach will assist you in brainstorming solutions to interpersonal conflicts and developing new strategies for communication.


Mediation is an opportunity for students to discuss their conflict and develop a mutually agreeable resolution within a structured process. A neutral, trained mediator will facilitate the conversation, providing a space for all involved individuals to tell their story and engage in open dialogue about the conflict. The mediator will not provide the individuals with potential resolutions, but will provide a space for the individuals to express their concerns, discuss what they need from the relationship moving forward, and creatively problem-solve.

Get Started with Coaching or Mediation

If you are interested in Conflict Coaching or Mediation, contact our office.