The Office of Student Conduct can help you recover from the occasional thinking error.

We are not here to punish students for poor choices. We are here to help you take responsibility for your actions, learn from poor decisions, and move forward in your Hoosier experience. We can help you become a contributing member of the IU community. A community dedicated to honesty, integrity, and high ethical standards.

Know the Code.

The IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct ensures the rights of IU students are protected and respected. As a Hoosier, you are entitled to respect and civility, but you also have responsibilities to the campus community. The Code outlines your responsibilities and the university's expectations for your behavior as an IU student.

Take the CREED.

The Office of Student Ethics encourages all IU students to take the CREED.

  • Care – Commit to enhancing the health and safety of the university community. Have the #CouragetoCare.
  • Respect – Respect all members of the IU community. Be civil, responsible, and accountable to the community.
  • Excellence – Strive for greatness and integrity within ourselves, with each other, and in our work.
  • Equity –Act with fairness towards others and promote individual rights within our community.
  • Dignity –Treat everyone you encounter as an individual and a person of worth.

It’s All You. Stay True IU.

Your choices may not always reflect the person you are, but your choices do impact how your fellow Hoosiers see you. How do you want to be seen? It’s all you!