Sexual Assault, Harassment, Relationship Violence and Stalking

No matter where, when or how your well-being has been threatened, the Student Advocates Office can help. We can provide you with options, connect you to resources, and assist in resolving any resulting university related issues.

Our office has specially trained Victim Advocates who work confidentially with students who have experienced sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence, stalking, or other threats to their personal safety.

Our Confidential Victim Advocates can:

  • Help explore options for dealing with past, present, and future academic concerns
  • Provide information about and assist with the reporting process
  • Supply information and get you connected to campus and community resources
  • Support you through the campus judicial process, if you choose to participate

If you would like to speak with a Confidential Victim Advocate, please email them at  or call 812-856-2469