Financial Concerns

The Student Advocates Office can help you work through financial difficulties and concerns. No matter what the financially related situation might be, we’re here to help you explore possible options or address related academic issue.

Appeals (financial aid, tuition, housing fee, etc.)

We can help you better understand the appeal procedures. We help you prepare an appeal and address any additional concerns you have.  Please contact our office for assistance or access the links below for additional information.

  • Student Central On Union – information about Academic Progress Appeals, Change in Income Appeals, Cost of Attendance Appeals, and Dependency Appeals
  • Office of the Bursar – information about Fee Policy (tuition) appeals and late payment fee waiver requests
  • Residential Programs and Services – online application to appeal a housing breakage charge or cancel your housing contract
Emergency Financial Assistance

The Student Advocates Office has emergency funds that can be used to provide financial assistance to IU Bloomington students who are experiencing unexpected or emergency financial circumstances.

In order to qualify, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, have exhausted other sources of assistance, and demonstrate a financial need that hinders your ability to continue your academic progress at IU.  

Emergency financial assistance is generally limited to around $500.  

Please contact our office for an application and appointment to discuss possibilities.  

IU Money Smarts

IU Money Smarts assists students in making informed financial decision before, during and after college