Financial Concerns

Emergency Loans

The Student Advocates office offers small denomination, no interest emergency loans to students facing financial difficulties due to expected circumstances or expenses. 

Students may apply for emergency funding only once each academic year.

Loan requests over $500 or to cover rent, tuition and other living expenses are rarely approved.


  • An unusually high utility bill
  • Automobile repair
  • Medical or dental expenses
  • Unexpected school supplies
  • Text book expenses, when financial aid is delayed
  • 1 month’s rent or utilities, if a roommate moved out without notice
  • Transportation costs for a trip home due to an emergency
  • Expenses related to a new job or job interview
Loan Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for an emergency loan, you must:

  • Be enrolled at Indiana University - Bloomington
  • Be in good academic standing with the university and your school.
  • Have a cumulative GPA 2.0 or above
  • Be able to provide documentation of the emergency expense.
  • Have a “guaranteed”, documented repayment source such as a current job or processed future financial assistance.
Loan Repayment

Repayments periods vary based on a student’s repayment source, but generally loans are paid within the same semester or academic year that the loan was approved.
No interest or fees are charged for these loans. Repayment is made directly to the Student Advocates Office.

Application Process
  1. Complete the Emergency Loan Eligibility Form to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for an emergency loan. The form will determine your eligibility for a loan and will email you additional instructions on how to proceed with your loan request.
  2. Meet with a MoneySmarts Team Member within 24 – 48 hours of submitting your eligilbility request to review the reason for your loan request and your monthly budget. (You will not be approved for a loan until you meet with a MoneySmarts Team Member.)
  3. Complete the Loan Application. (If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be sent a link to the form.)
  4. If the loan is approved, you will be contact by the Student Advocates Office to sign a promissory note and finalize your repayment plan. Loan funds can generally be ready within 24 hours after the promissory note is signed.