Academic Assistance

Grade Appeals and Grade Change Requests

Grade Appeal

If you believe there has been an error in calculating the final grade in one of your courses or if you dispute the grade based on a bias by the instructor, you may appeal that grade.

To appeal a grade:

  1. Speak directly with your instructor to try to resolve the matter.
  2. If you are unable to resolve the matter with the instructor, file a written appeal with the Chair of the department.
  3. If you are unsatisfied with the answer to your appeal at the department level, you may present the written appeal to the Dean of the School in which the course is offered.

Consult with the school or with an advocate as procedures vary between each academic unit. Deadlines may apply.

Grade Changes or Requests to Change a Grade to a “W”

Requests to change a student’s grade are considered only in situations where medical or personal reasons have prevented you from finishing your course.

Each request is recommended at the discretion of the individual instructor and if denied, cannot be overridden at another level. If the instructor reviews your request and agrees to initiate a grade change request, it will have to be approved by the department chair and then by the Dean of the school in which the course is offered. Grade change requests can take from 4 weeks to 6 months to process to be recorded by the Office of the Registrar.

Grades cannot be changed solely for the following reasons.

  • To prevent you from being dismissed
  • To help you qualify for financial assistance
  • To allow you to join a fraternity or sorority
Preparing Your Grade Change Request

A grade change request must be carefully and thoroughly documented. The procedures protect the integrity of your final course grades, your academic record, and the rights of all students.

The student advocate’s role is to assist you in preparing and submitting your formal request.

  • Contact our office to make an appointment.
  • Contact your instructor(s) and let the instructor know that you are working with a Student Advocate to prepare a formal grade change request. Contacting your instructors demonstrates the seriousness of your request and allows you to make your case in a personal way.
  • Prepare a statement outlining the specific reasons you were not able to finish your course(s) and gather any pertinent medical or official documentation. (See “Grade Request Preparation Checklist”.)
  • Submit a Release of Information to the Student Advocates Office.
  • Provide your statement and documentation to your advocate. The advocate will help review your personal statement and your documentation, and transmit your request in a secure manner.
Special Considerations
  • The College of Arts and Sciences will only consider requests for changes to W if you did not complete the final examination or assignment in the class. A grade of “I” cannot be changed to a W. In addition, requests like this are rarely approved if other grades earned during the semester were passing. These considerations can also apply to other academic units.
  • International students must carry a full load of 12 hours or more for all semesters in residence unless International Services obtains a special waiver. Changes from “F” to “W” in a course would reduce the course load could impact your visa status. Please contact the Office of International Student Services at 812-855-9086; Poplars 221.
  • If you received financial assistance during the semester of your request for grade changes, your academic progress may be affected whether you receive “F’s” or “W’s”. Please contact IU Student Central for more information about your eligibility for future financial assistance at 812-855-6500.

The College of Arts and Sciences will consider grade change requests for a period of one year following the semester in which the student was assigned the original grade.

The School of Music will consider grade change requests for a period of six months following the semester in which the student was assigned the original grade.

All other schools have no preset deadlines. Requests for semesters more than one year old may not be able to be considered.