Academic Assistance


If you have missed, will miss, or are missing classes, contact your instructor(s) as soon as possible about your circumstances to discuss your options for making up missed classes (extension, make-up work, etc.). Be prepared to provide supporting documentation, if applicable. 

Instructor Notification

The Student Advocates Office will transmit documentation and absence notification memos for students only in the following circumstances:

  • The student is hospitalized.
  • The student is withdrawing from classes due to a compelling circumstance (after the auto-W deadline).

In these circumstances, please submit documentation and a release form to our office within 3 business days.

Students in these circumstances should work directly with their instructors upon return or may work with an advocate, as needed, if the absence is prolonged.

Working From Home

Our office does not make attendance decisions. Working from home or from another location is an allowance made by individual instructors.

Absence as a Result of Threats to Your Personal Safety or Security

If your absence is a result of threats to your personal safety or security, please contact our Confidential Victim Advocate at or by phone at 812-856-2469.

Extended Absences or If Catching Up Is Not an Option:
  • You may want to consider withdrawing from all classes or add/drop options.  Each of these may impact your academic progress, financial aid or scholarship eligibility or other areas related to your student status.  Review our withdrawal page, contact our office or consult with your academic advisor for more information.
  • If near the end of the semester, you might also consider discussing options with your instructor(s) as alternative arrangements may be possible, including a grade of Incomplete.  An incomplete allows you to complete coursework after the semester is finished.  For more information about an incomplete, visit the Enrollment Bulletin or contact our office.