Student Affairs Marketing

We want to help tell your story

The Student Affairs Marketing team develops, creates, implements, and assesses various integrated marketing and communication campaigns for the 19 departments of the Division of Student Affairs.

The team provides the opportunity to work in an agency-like atmosphere where creative problem-solving and collaboration with colleagues lead to the development of effective strategies to create awareness, engagement, and action from on-campus and off-campus target audiences. 

The Student Affairs Marketing office is located in the Indiana Memorial Union.



Do you need to announce an upcoming event. A new service? We can help develop a strategy to inform the IU community. Outlets include:

- Print materials
- Advertisements (print/digital)
- Managed web pages
- Social Media
- Articles/News coverage


There’s a lot going on in the Division of Student Affairs. Whether you’ve launched a new initiative or celebrated an achievement, we can help share the news.

- Email communication
- Blog posts
- Social media
- Crisis Communications


We’re here for any project that require visual elements. Chances are you have seen our work in campus buildings or at campus events. Services include:

- Brochures
- Flyers
- Digital Signage
- Building signage


We manage websites for departments across the Division of Student Affairs.

To request a website edit from Student Affairs Marketing, fill out a marketing request form and choose “Website Update Only” from the “Request Type” choice.


Our team can set-up photoshoots to capture moments to support your next project.

- Event coverage
- Campaign photo shoots
- Portraits


Our videographers offer you a full range of message-delivery options. Services include:

- Event coverage
- Videos for Campaigns
- Videos for New Student Orientation



  • James McHaley – Director
  • Cheryl Paul – Assistant Director
  • Damen Morris – Marketing Manager

Student Employees

10-15 students work in the following roles:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia Photographer
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Copywriter
  • Care Team Marketing Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator

To view current openings and apply visit:



Promotional Campaigns - Student
Aubrey Housand, Bre Castaneda, Cheryl Paul

COVID-19 Materials - Student
Skye Spalding, Bre Castaneda, James McHaley

Digital Campaigns - Professional 
Cheryl Paul, Bre Castaneda

Interior/Wall Art - Student
Lucas Beam, Cheryl Paul

Videos - Student
Honorable Mention: Care Referral Video
Khyler Runnels, Joli Finley, Chris Howell

  • Interior/Wall Art – Professional: IMU Stair Decals; Indiana University–Bloomington; Damen Morris, Mara Dahlgren