Assessment and Awards

The Indiana University Fraternity and Sorority community began an initiative in 2004 to assess and recognize the shared goals and values of all fraternities and sororities, called the Five Pillars of Excellence. These Pillars represent the goals of the chapters, members, and Indiana University.

Greek Assessment & Awards (GAAP) Pillars of Excellence
  1. Values Integration: Chapter teaches and upholds the values of their organization, fraternity and sorority community, and Indiana University. Chapters are responsible for their actions and understand their implications within the fraternity and sorority and campus community. 
  2. Intellectual Development and Academic Support: Chapter develops and maintains a scholarship program for its members that will enhance their academic success and contribute to the academic mission of the university.
  3. Brotherhood and Sisterhood: Chapter respects the dignity of people while embracing the free exchange of ideas and beliefs. Chapter educates and promotes healthy lifestyles. Chapter fosters brotherhood and sisterhood between all fraternity and sorority organizations and alumni.
  4. Leadership Development: Chapter encourages leadership development and promotes leadership opportunities for its members.
  5. Civic Engagement: Chapters engage in meaningful, comprehensive civic engagement and community partnerships.
  6. Overall Recognition: Overall recognition will be given to the chapter that has demonstrated excellent and/or exemplary achievement, and upholds the ideas and values espoused by the chapter, the IU fraternity and sorority community, and the Indiana University mission statement (NOTE: chapters that participate in all five awards areas will be eligible for an overall recognition of achievement).
Previous Winners