File a Report

The first step towards collaborating with the Office of Student Ethics to resolve an issue of misconduct is to file a report.

  • Academic Misconduct

    You can report academic misconduct to the Office of Student Ethics through our online form. Select “Faculty – Academic Integrity” and complete the online incident reporting form.

    You will receive an email confirmation from “”

    Depending on your security settings, this notification may appear in your junk mail as this email address is outside of the domain.

  • Personal Misconduct

    We encourage members of the community to report incidents of personal misconduct. On the form, select “student” or “staff” or however you identify and complete the fields below.

    You will receive an email confirmation from “”

  • Sexual Assault or Sexual Misconduct

    To report incidents of sexual assault, harassment, and relationship violence, contact our the Office of Student Ethics. Call 812-855-5419 or visit the Alice Nelson Building at 801 N. Jordan Avenue Room C101.

    For information about resources, support, and how to file a complaint, contact the Student Advocates Office. 

    Additional safety resources are available.