Workshops and Presentations

D.O.P.E: Drug Overdose Prevention Education

This workshop will teach individuals to recognize signs of alcohol poisoning and drug overdose, focusing on life-saving skills training (rescue breathing and naloxone use), and introduce alcohol and drug overdose prevention resources on campus and our community.

Recovery Ally Training

This workshop introduces non-recovering members of the IUB community to addiction and recovery on campus. It also reviews how to advocate for and support members of the community in recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions, and behavioral addictions (i.e. eating, gambling, etc.).

Recovery Messaging Training

This training will teach participants the impact of language on stigma, advocacy efforts for individuals in recovery, and includes the composition of a personal message using tested techniques.

Just Say Know

This workshop is designed to help individuals and organizations examine the role alcohol plays in their lives, teach skills to moderate alcohol use in order to mitigate negative consequences, and understand how other drugs can influence the effects of alcohol. Additionally, individuals learn to recognize the signs of overdose and how to intervene.