Know Your Neighbors and Community
IU Students are also Bloomington Community Members
  • Meet you neighbors within a week of move-in day (on or off-campus)
  • Get contact information in case of emergency
  • Be respectful of their property, as well as your own
  • Find opportunities to volunteer and give back to your community
Bloomington has Noise Ordinances.
  • Nighttime limits for vehicle and transportable electronic devices are imposed from 11pm-6am (i.e. subwoofers, and portable speakers cannot be too loud!)
  • Nighttime limits for noise that can be heard on another property are imposed from 9pm-7am. That means that loud parties can be visited by police officers if they receive noise complaints.

Standards for unnecessary noise:

  • Consistent or intermittent nature
  • Persists for 15 minutes or more
  • Can be heard by anyone outside immediate premises
  • Includes electronic devices, people, animals

Violations can result in a warning, fine, or charge of disorderly conduct.

To report Noise Violations, call Bloomington Police Department at (812) 339-4477.

  • Accumulation of trash or scattered litter/debris can result in a fine of $50/day
  • Complaints about trash or other yard violations can be made anonymously to Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) at (812) 349-3420