Mission, Vision & Values

oasis staffer

OASIS is the campus hub for alcohol and drug harm reduction, intervention, and recovery support. To reduce the harm created by the presence and use of alcohol and other drugs on our campus, we provide education, brief intervention, programming, and support to students and staff on the IU-Bloomington campus.


We envision a campus culture that cares about the health and well-being of all Indiana University-Bloomington students, staff, faculty and our surrounding community.


OASIS values individual freedom of choice and personal growth. We work with you from where you are instead of where we want you to be in your own individual journey at Indiana University. We encourage you to think critically about drinking, drug use, and all of the associated behaviors to become mindful of the subsequent impact accompanying any personal or group decision related to alcohol and drug use.

OASIS values connection and collaboration. We cannot do our work alone. Relationships with each other, our community and the entire Indiana University family are crucial to the sustainability of our mission. Student organizations, academic departments, campus staff, faculty, alumni, parents and families, and you, the student are important in what we do. OASIS values unbiased personal and cultural appraisal, supportive and honest communication and empathy, and we show this compassion with you the moment you contact us.

OASIS values integrity. “Character is determined by who we are when no one is watching” H. Jackson Brown, Jr. OASIS believes in “walking the walk,” not simply “talking the talk.” Every member of the IU family is responsible for their actions and subsequent consequences or triumphs. Inspired by the Indiana Promise and mission of The Division of Student Affairs we work with our partners to maintain an environment conducive to learning, self-reflection and growth.

OASIS values the promotion of positive health behaviors and protection of personal safety. We strive to inform you about reasonable modifications to individual alcohol and drug using behaviors in order to support lifelong well-being. OASIS believes that sexual and physical violence and harassment are incongruent with the values of Indiana University and have no place in ours and your community. We promote the respect of physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries established by each member of the Indiana University family.