Join a Sorority or Fraternity

Is Greek life for you?

When choosing a sorority or fraternity, you should ask yourself whether the organization will help you grow academically, personally, and professionally—or whether it will hinder your college experience.

It is your responsibility to determine in advance whether or not you are able to balance the various commitments and expectations of a sorority or fraternity.

Choosing the right sorority or fraternity

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a sorority or fraternity:

  • Do you identify with the organization’s mission statement and purpose?
  • What are the expectations of membership?
  • Are you able to meet the financial obligations?
  • Is the organization involved in the community?
  • What are the chapter activities?
  • Who are the organization’s active alumni or chapter advisors?

Four Greek councils

members of the intrafraternity council
Interfraternity Council


The Interfraternity Council is the governing organization for 27 fraternity chapters on campus. Learn more about IFC fraternity chapters and register for recruitment online.

several members of the Panhellenic association wearing red and white striped bib overalls
Panhellenic Association


The Panhellenic Association comprises 22 sorority chapters. Learn more about Panhellenic sorority chapters and register for recruitment online.

members of the multi-greek council standing in front of the sample gates
MultiCultural Greek Council


The MultiCultural Greek Council is composed of 13 chapters that represent Latino/a organizations, Asian American/South Asian organizations, religious organizations, and multicultural organizations. Learn more about MCGC fraternity and sorority chapters.

members of the national Panhellenic council, wearing bright orange vests and holding yellow trash bags
National Pan-Hellenic Council


The National Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of seven historically Black sororities and fraternities. Learn more about NPHC fraternity and sorority chapters.