Housing & Checklisting

What is checklisting?

Checklisting helps sorority and fraternity chapters collect unpaid balances for room and board. All checklist balance due amounts must be from the current academic year and not retroactive to include prior years.

Authorized checklist requests

  • Room and board charges under an approved written contract
  • Damages incurred by a student, if the damages are itemized by the student’s individual room and share of common spaces

Unauthorized checklist requests

  • Room and board charges incurred by a student or other person living in the chapter house but not enrolled at IU
  • Chapter, national, or local dues, fees, or fines
  • Housing contract breakage fees
Submit a checklist request

If you are checklisted by a sorority or fraternity...

If you are checklisted by your organization, you will be prevented from registering for classes, receiving your diploma, and requesting copies of your transcript. You will receive an email notice at the time the checklist request is submitted, and you will remain checklisted until the entire balance due is paid, even after graduation.

Contact the authorized chapter accounting representative listed on the checklist form to settle your account. If you still have questions, contact Student Involvement and Leadership at 812-855-4682.