Community Engagement

Get involved in Bloomington and beyond

Send books to Indiana prisoners who like to read. Volunteer at the local Boys and Girls Club. Help construct sustainable water systems in Nicaragua.

IU offers a plethora of ways to engage in civic life, from mentoring opportunities to classes that combine coursework with community service.

Participate in IU Corps

IU Corps is a network of IU Bloomington students, campus stakeholders, and community partners who have joined forces to create positive social change in local neighborhoods and around the world.

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Community engagement scholarships

Incoming freshmen are eligible to receive a highly selective and competitive four-year scholarship funded through Cox Civic Scholars and MacDonald Scholars for their service and campus outreach.

These scholars participate in robust leadership development education to hone their skills and expand their knowledge about social justice. They work with a local Bloomington or regional nonprofit agency and provide hands-on direct service and outreach to support IU students and student organizations looking to engage in community service.

The goal of these scholarship programs is to engage student leaders in meaningful service that results in a profound and sustainable positive impact on the community.

The Jesse H. and Beulah Cox Civic Scholars Program honors incoming IU freshmen with a four-year scholarship, awarding strong academic achievement and a commitment to giving back. The program supports students' efforts in community engagement and trainings in leadership development and social justice.

To learn more about the Cox Scholars Program and how to apply, visit the IU Office of Scholarships.

The Scott MacDonald Scholars Program supports undergraduate students with a passion for community service and a drive to create positive change in their communities and around the world.

The focus of the MacDonald Scholars Program reflects the values of its founder, IU alumnus Scott MacDonald, who worked his way through college and graduated with student debt. Understanding the stress associated with the cost of higher education, Mr. MacDonald established the MacDonald Scholars Program to lessen the economic burden of attending IU, while encouraging students to give back through community service.

Qualified high school seniors who have committed to attend IU the following fall are invited to apply. The scholarship is available to both out-of-state and Indiana residents. Strong applicants demonstrate economic need, strong academic performance, and a passion for community engagement.

For more information about the MacDonald Scholars Program, please contact the IU Office of Scholarships at or visit the Office of Scholarships.