Community Engagement

Get involved in Bloomington and beyond

Want to get involved in the Bloomington community?  

There are many opportunities to learn from and become part of the Bloomington community through volunteering, scholarships, community engagement event series and more.  If you would like to learn more about how you or your group can get involved please contact our office.

Community Partners and Volunteering

Our office has a great relationship with many community partners including non profit agencies, city departments and other wonderful community organizations.  We place, train and supervise Cox Civic Scholars in each of the below community partners.  One of their roles is to help IU students find volunteer opportunities.  

If you are interested in volunteering or giving back to the community in other ways please reach out to the Civic Scholar at the specific agency that interests you for more information.

You may also reach out to the Assistant Director of Community Engagement for any other questions related to volunteering in the Bloomington community.

Brandon Shurr,

Civic Scholar Contact: Jane Schmidt -

Civic Scholar Contacts: Lizz Horace - 

Gonzalo Cruz Cortes -

Crestmont Club

Civic Scholar Contacts: R.J. Crawford - 

Joleena Mundy -

Lincoln Street Club

Civic Scholar Contacts: Ethan Fitt - 

Maddy Edie - Booker - 

Program Office

Civic Scholar Contact: Isabella Vidal - 

Economic and Sustainable Development

Civic Scholar Contact: Ihsan Zulkifly - 

Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND)

Civic Scholar Contact: Dylan Schuttee -

Safe and Civil City 

Civic Scholar Contact: Lizbeth Funkhouser - 

Civic Scholar Contact: Sufiyan Ahmed - 

Civic Scholar Contact: Abigail Scott -

Civic Scholar Contacts: Leilanu Jackson - 

Jonathan Hernedez -

Civic Scholar Contacts: Fernanda Cortes - 

Tamara Riano -

Civic Scholar Contacts: Jaden Lewis -

Natalia Dickerson -

Civic Scholar Contact: Jia Jia Hodgson -

Civic Scholar Contacts: Wolf Davis - 

Makayla Partin -

Civic Scholar Contacts: Ryan Zych - 

Gaby Heredia -

Civic Scholar Contacts: Heather Hoffmeyer - 

Madison Martin 

Sydney Wilson -

Civic Scholar Contact: Martha Abaddi -

Civic Scholar Contact: Samantha Willey -

Cox Civic Scholarship

Incoming freshmen are eligible to receive a highly selective and competitive four-year scholarship funded through the Cox Scholarship for their service and campus outreach.

These scholars participate in robust leadership development education to hone their skills and expand their knowledge about social justice. They work with a local Bloomington or regional nonprofit agency and provide hands-on direct service and outreach to support IU students and student organizations looking to engage in community service.

The goal of this scholarship program is to engage student leaders in meaningful service that results in a profound and sustainable positive impact on the community.


Learn more about Scholarships

Community Engagement Event Series

Each Month our team hosts a panel of community and campus leaders to engage in dialogue about a social issue impacting our local community in the Indiana Memorial Union.


Crimson Cupboard Food Pantry

Our office manages the campus food pantry, Crimson Cupboard. Crimson Cupboard offers free healthy food to IU Bloomington students who are struggling with food insecurity.  If interested in learning more about the pantry please contact

Learn more about Crimson Cupboard


For more information regarding Community Engagement on IU Bloomington Campus please contact - Brandon Shurr -