Faculty Resources

Memo: Disclosure of Accommodation Need

Students who are registered with Disability Services for Students (DSS) will disclose their need for academic accommodations by giving you an Academic Modifications Memorandum (memo).

Academic Modifications Memorandum (Memo)

DSS creates an individualized memo for each student who is entitled to accommodations. The memo describes the specific modifications needed in the classroom and/or the testing environment. It also provides instructions for arranging each of the student’s accommodations, or for referring the student to DSS for certain test modifications that instructors are not expected to provide.

The DSS coordinator listed on the memo is the best person to speak with about any questions or concerns.

Schedule a Meeting to Discuss Accommodation Delivery

DSS coordinators instruct each student receiving a memo to contact his or her instructors early in the semester to arrange individuall meetings with each instructor. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the accommodations listed in the memo and how those accommodations will be implemented. By the end of this meeting, both of you and the student should understand each other's responsibilities and how exam/test accommodations will be arranged (if applicable).

If a student attempts to give you a memo immediately before or after class, you have the right to inform the student that you will not be able to accommodate them on this occasion but will on future situations identified in the memo.

If the student is asking for something not included on the memo, please refer him or her to DSS.

Disabled Students without Memos

Sometimes a student who does not have a memo from DSS will claim to have a disability.  Indiana University requires students to establish eligibility for disability assistance before they may be accommodated in the classroom or in the residence halls. DSS is the office designated to collect and maintain confidential disability materials and to coordinate accommodations for students.

You should arrange disability modifications only for students who provide you a memos from DSS.

No legal difficulties will be incurred by informing a student that he or she must provide a DSS memo in order to be accommodated.

If a student brings you the documentation of a disabling condition, refer the student to DSS.