Faculty Resources

Arranging for Peer Copies of Class Notes

A disability may interfere with a student’s ability to take comprehensive class notes for a variety of reasons.  For these students, the DSS Coordinator will work with the student to determine the best solution.  The goal is to ensure that students have notes comparable to what he/she would take if the disability did not interfere with note taking. 

The student’s accommodations memo may indicate a need for:

Copies of Notes

If you are posting notes to Canvas, please clarify for the student whether these are complete study notes.  If comprehensive PowerPoint slides or notes are provided to all students, you have met this student’s need.

If you are not able to directly provide the student with complete study notes, please assist them in obtaining copies of notes from a classmate.

Make an announcement in class requesting a volunteer note taker or by posting an announcement to Canvas. Please do not reveal the name of the student with a disability. You can simply say, “there is a student with a disability in the class that needs a note taking assistant; will someone please volunteer to share their notes with this student?”

When a volunteer is identified, please give the DSS student the name and contact information for the volunteer. If the student has requested anonymity, please refer the volunteer note-taker to the DSS office.  If you do not get a volunteer on the first try, please make one more in-class announcement.

Laptop Use

If you have concerns about use of laptops in your course, please contact the DSS Coordinator to discuss options.  If a student misuses this accommodation by spending time on email, facebook etc during class time, he or she may lose this privilege.


It is legal for a student to record a lecture as an alternate method of accessing the class content. If you have concerns about how the material will be used after it is recorded, please contact DSS. At your request, the student recording your lectures can sign a privacy statement. Students may be recording with Smart-Pen, laptop or other recording device, this will be specified in their accommodation letter.