Faculty Handbook

Providing Alternate Format

IU’s Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center (ATAC) provides all necessary alternatively formatted materials for the classroom. This includes modifications such as Braille, closed captioning, video description, text-to-voice software, etc. Due to the volume and complexity of the conversion process, ATAC must receive the course material three (3) weeks before it will be presented in the class. Send all course material directly to IU ATAC Lead Editor at atcedit@iu.edu.

The instructor will receive an advance notification via email from the student’s Access Coordinator regarding the type of alternative media the student needs.

If you are referring a student who has complex needs and requires exam conversions (i.e. Braille) to DSS for testing support, send a Word version of the exam to dsstests@indiana.edu at least three (3) weeks in advance of the exam date so we can have it converted to an alternative format.

Contact ATAC with any questions about alternative formats at (812) 856-4112 or atac@iu.edu.