Exam Accommodations

An exam accommodation refers to any approved accommodations from the Office of Disability Services for Students (DSS), which relates to the way you take exams.  This includes, but is not limited to, extended time on exams, a testing location with reduced distractions, a scribe, and use of assistive technology during an exam.

Due to the limited testing space available at the DSS Office, IU instructors should provide simple test modifications whenever possible. However, if you require more complex accommodations, your instructor may refer you to DSS for the administration of the test.

Taking Tests at the DSS Offices

If your instructor is referring you to DSS for test proctoring, you will need to schedule an exam time. First, your instructor will need to complete and sign a Test/Exam Request Form (TERF). It is very important that your instructor complete the entire TERF as this is their opportunity to communicate your test instructions to DSS.  A paper copy is available upon request.

DSS will precisely follow your instructor’s directions on the TERF. Generally, you only need to fill out one TERF for your course, unless your exam instructions vary from exam to exam.

If you have a paper form, the student should bring the completed and signed TERF to the DSS office.  Test appointments are scheduled on a walk-in basis. If you completed the online form, then we encourage you to stop by the DSS office within two business days to meet with the Support Services Coordinator who can schedule all your exams at once.  Don't forget to bring your course syllabus for easy scheduling.

Due to our limited test space and proctor availability, we require two weeks’ notice to ensure you will receive all your exam accommodations.

Testing Procedures
  • Before the Test
    • Arrive a few minutes early for each test that you take at the DSS office. If you are late, you will not be permitted to make up the time you have missed, and depending on what your instructor has specified on your TERF, you may not be allowed to take the test at all.
    • Prepare to show your ID to DSS staff.
    • Turn off your cell phone and leave phone, smart watches, coats, backpacks, purses, etc. in the lockers in the DSS supply room. You may not retrieve anything from the supply room after the proctor has given you your copy of the exam.
  • During the Test
    • Any student who is found to have a cellphone, mp3 player, notes, or other unauthorized items in the test room will have their test confiscated immediately and will be asked to leave. DSS staff will notify the instructor of what has occurred.
    • Please be quiet and courteous if there are other students in the test room. Students who are disruptive will be removed from the test room and the instructor will be informed.
    • DSS proctors will not give "time warnings" if other students are testing in the room. Plan ahead and use either a basic watch or the clock on the wall to keep track of your time.
    • You must write your name on all exam papers and fill in your Scantron (if applicable) during the time allotted for your test. When your time is up, you will be allowed to finish the sentence you are currently writing, but no more than that.
    • If you need to leave the test room during the test for any reason, notify the proctor quietly. Either the proctor or a staff member will escort you to the restroom or water fountain and the proctor will record the time you leave and the time you return. You will not be permitted to make up time that you use for this purpose unless stated in your memo. Students leaving the office without an escort will not be permitted to finish their tests.
  • After the Test
    • When you finish the test, you are free to leave unless otherwise specified by your instructor.
    • If you are returning the test to the instructor, please wait for DSS staff to prepare it for return.
Missed Tests

If you miss a test entirely, the test coordinator will e-mail your instructor to make him/her aware of the situation. Whether a make-up test will be given is entirely at your instructor’s discretion and you must contact him/her to discuss this.

Moved or Cancelled Tests

If a test that you have scheduled with DSS is moved or canceled by the instructor, or if you are going to miss a test for some reason, please notify DSS as soon as possible!