Confidentiality and Release of Information

Confidentiality is important to Disability Services for Students, that’s why you can always trust that:

  • DSS is committed to ensuring that all of your information is maintained confidentially as required or permitted by law.  Information collected will only be shared with other DSS staff on a need-to-know basis as it pertains to providing you with your academic accommodations.
  • You will be informed of your confidentiality rights at your first meeting with your DSS coordinator. You will also sign a form to ensure restricted release of your information, which will be kept on file for the duration of your tenure at the university.
  • University faculty and staff do not have the right or need to access diagnostic or other information regarding your disability; they will only be aware of your academic accommodations. However, you may choose to share information in the accommodation memorandum or during your face-to-face meeting with your professors.
  • Documentation will be maintained according to related FERPA and/or HIPPA guidelines.

Release of Information

  • Your file may be released pursuant to a court ordered subpoena.
  • You may give written authorization for the release of information when you wish to share it with others.
    • You must show an authorized Indiana University ID or a driver’s license.
    • If the request is submitted by mail/email; the signed “Release of Information” form must be accompanied with the fax of a picture ID showing a signature.
  • Third party information will be released given the above authorization listing the specific information to be shared and with whom.
Download Release of Information Forms