Campus Accessibility

  • Parking

    Students in need of a disability parking pass should contact Parking Operations for assistance. IU maintains several disability parking spaces around its campus.

    Single Use Handicapped Accessible Parking Pass

    This pass is available for first time visitors to the Office of Disability Services for Students and allows you to park in the Wells Library while meeting with staff.

    Call ahead to make arrangements or call from the ADA accessible parking lot at the library and a staff person will bring you a permit during business hours.

  • Campus Bus Accessibility

    Indiana University operates 27 buses equipped with accessibility features, including:

    • Kneeling bus feature
    • Wheelchair-accessible ramps
    • Wheelchair-designated seating areas
    • Designated seating areas for people with disabilities and the elderly
    • Audible announcements of major landmarks and bus stops

    Questions for campus bus service can be answered by contacting the bus operations at (812) 855-8384 or

  • Lift and Elevators

    IU has lifts and elevators in its buildings around campus to make it more accessible for students and visitors.


    Elevators are not feasible in a number of the older buildings.  However, stairway lifts have been installed in these buildings.  All are accessible to anyone in need.  Because of the variety in lifts you will find instruction to the lift usage posted near the lift.  If you have any question or the lift is not working, please contact DSS at (812) 855-7578 or the IU Control Center (physical plant) at (812) 855-9514.


    All elevators are accessible.

  • Housing Accommodations

    Residential Programs and Services requires that students complete and submit a Medical Verification Form. Please review the Residential Programs and Services website for further information related to Housing Accommodations.

  • Service Animals

    A service animal is an accommodation and, by ADA law, is now defined as "a service dog that is specifically trained to provide discrete services that their owner is unable to do/provide for him or herself."

    The student needing the use of a service animal must Register for Services through our office.

    Eligibility will be shared as needed with Residential services, faculty and staff.  Service animals are allowed in all areas on campus, except where food is being prepared.

  • Emotional Support Animals

    Emotional Support Animals are not covered under ADA and are only permitted with approval in IU residence halls or IU real estate properties.  Students interested in having an emotional support/therapy animal must must Register for Services through our office. For more information, please see the Psychological Conditions with Emotional Support Animal documentation form.

    If your request is approved, Residential Programs and Services (RPS) has specific guidelines about where the animal can be housed and how it must be maintained. The guidelines will be reviewed with you once eligibility is established.

For other campus accessibility contacts, visit ada@iu.