Arranging Accommodations

Van Services

Transportation assistance is available to students with severely limited mobility. The DSS vans provide on-campus rides during regular class hours; however, rides must be pre-arranged and are not available on demand.

Students with permanent limitations have priority use of the van service.  The van is available on a first come first serve basis for students with temporary mobility impairments.

Students can receive the first 5 days of service without the documentation, if the condition is obvious- i.e. they are using crutches.

A weight limitations on carrying books does not qualify a student for van service.

Requesting Van Service
  1. Contact the DSS office by calling or coming in person (to Wells Library, W302)
  2. Provide documentation of the permanent or temporary mobility limitation that satisfies each of the following criteria:
    • Be written and signed by the treating medical professional on professional letterhead and/or clinic/hospital forms.  (Notes on script pads are not acceptable.)
    • Provide a diagnosis/description of the medical problem
    • Provide a statement indicating projected duration of mobility limitations
  3. Students who need extensions of time to ride the van must submit additional documentation to DSS explaining the need for continuing rides.

DSS will review the submitted materials and notify the van coordinator of your eligibility. Please refer to the Van Service Reference Guide for additional information and after hour options.

You must follow up by calling the van coordinator to confirm rider status and availability.  If you do not call, the van coordinator will remove your name from the schedule.