Sexual Violence and Misconduct

The Dean of Students Office is committed to ending sexual violence and sexual misconduct.

We work on both sides of the issue - prevention and response. We work with Culture of Care to provide bystander intervention programming to prevent violence before it occurs. We also can connect you to resource to help you overcome the physical and emotional impact of sexual violence and misconduct.

How We Can Help


The best way to end violence is to prevent it. The best way to create a better community is to have the Courage to Care. Indiana University provides several prevention education programs.

  • Step Up! IU
  • Culture of Care
  • Crimson Corp
  • OASIS Program Liaisons
  • IU Health and Wellness Peer Educators

Unhealthy/Abusive Relationships

If you or someone you know is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, the Student Advocates or the Dean of Students office can help you sort things out. We will listen to your situation and provide you options and resources. What’s next is up to you.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere – in the classroom, on the job, or on Kirkwood. If you have concerns regarding the behavior of students (graduate or undergraduate), faculty or staff, the Dean of Students Office can help you address the problem. We have experience handling issues related to gender-based harassment. We can connect you to resource, explain your rights, or provide you with information about campus and/or legal options.

If you have experienced sexual harassment, contact the Dean of Students Office immediately.

If You Experience or Witness Sexual Violence

In an emergency situation, call 911. Get support. Learn your options. Consider filing a report.