The Hill Award

The P. J. and Hilda W. Hill Award was established from a gift from P. J. Hill, a 1920 graduate of Indiana University. (Read article about the award's establishment. The Indianapolis Recorder, August 1968) Each spring the $5000 award is presented to the outstanding senior on the IU Bloomington campus who has done the most to “better race relationships on the IU campus” during his or her undergraduate career.

To be eligible for The P. J. and Hilda W. Hill Award, graduating seniors must submit a resume, three letters of recommendation, and a 1-page essay answering the following question:

During your undergraduate years at Indiana University, what have you done to improve interracial interaction on the Bloomington campus?

The essay response should include descriptions of why you made those contributions and the impact they have had or will have on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.

The application deadline for the 2017 P. J. and Hilda W. Hill Award Dean’s Award is Saturday, February 25.