Gender & Women's Affairs

Pregnant & Parenting Students

Every student faces challenges, but if you are pregnant or are already a parent, your challenges are unique. How do you arrange childcare so you can attend class? Where can you find a lactation room so you can breastfeed your child? We are here to help you navigate these challenges and many more.  

Student Advocates

The Student Advocates office can provide you with information on your rights as a pregnant or parenting student and can help you contact professors if you miss class due to medical or other reasons.  

Students in Transition

The Center for Students In Transition assists undergraduate students with circumstances that fall outside of or in between services typically provided by other University offices. SIT advisors help investigate and identify solutions and degree options that make the most sense for a student's particular background and goals. If you are returning to IU or in between departments, Students in Transition advisors can provide you with specialized advising support.

Still don’t know where to go?  We can help.  Contact the Dean of Students Office to talk with someone to learn more about resources available to pregnant and parenting students.