Gender & Women's Affairs

Personal & Professional Development

Gender differences can make the workplace challenging. It is important to have the skills to identify and resolve gender-related obstacles as you begin your career. There are also some life skills that we want you to leave IU with such as how to pay off debt, manage your money and balance your time. We offer workshops designed to prepare you for life beyond college.
Personal Development
It’s important to maintain a work-life balance. It isn’t always easy, so we want you to begin talking about it and practicing it now. We also realize that managing your money, time, and relationships aren’t easy. Our workshops and seminars will provide you with the skills and resources you need to be successful in this area of your life.
Professional Development
We will arm you with the skills you need to negotiate your salary, navigate gender-differences in the workplace, and achieve your long-term career plans.  We also want to prepare you for some gender-related challenges that you may face.  Our workshops and facilitated discussions will arm you with awareness, resources and skills to better prepare you as you enter the workplace.
Gender Inequality
Unfortunately, gender inequality is a very real problem in college as well as in the workplace.  If you have experienced gender inequity at IU in the form of sexual harassment or discrimination, you can meet with someone at the Dean of Students Office to learn about your options and resources.  We also encourage you to attend our personal and professional seminars to better prepare yourself for challenges you may face in the workplace.