Commission on Multicultural Understanding

Funding Request

Are you organizing an event that supports COMU's mission? If so, COMU can help by providing limited funding.

To request funding support from COMU, please complete the form below no later than 5 business days prior to your event.

Additional Forms Needed
  • If you are a student organization, please complete the Application for Financial Support available at here.
  • If you will be serving food at your event, don't forget to complete a hospitality request.
For immediate questions about this process contact or Melissa Ritter at
Recieving Funding

If approved, the COMU graduate assistant will send you the proper documentation needed to assist in funding your event.

If you receive funds from COMU, we ask that you list COMU as a sponsor in your event.  In addition, you are expected to assist COMU in advertising future events by sending out emails to Listervs to which you have access or post the information to appropriate social media (if applicable).

  • For internal purchases within Indiana University, you will be provided with the COMU account number for internal billing and the hospitality code (for food purchases).
  • For external purchases outside of Indiana University, a purchase order must be submitted to the vendor/business provider before the event takes place or items are ordered. Please send purchasing information to the graduate assistant at  Note: The process of allocating funds can take up to 30 days.
Submit a Funding Request