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#IUStudentSummer Video

Students may no longer be on campus, but that doesn’t mean they’re not accomplishing huge things. All across the globe, Hoosiers are taking their break from academia and using it to better themselves, and their surroundings.

So here’s the deal…

Whether you’re working at an internship, exploring other countries, or just spending time with friends, we want to know what a Hoosier summer looks like. 

Send us a video of you and your friends soaking up the sun by the pool, of yourself walking to your summer internship in a new city, or anything in between. Show us any aspect of your summer that stands out to you. We only ask that the clips are short (around 10 seconds) and that everything is PG.

Tweet, email, or use the bottom of this page to submit a short video to us that exemplifies some part of your summer experience.

And Then (Drumroll Please)

We’ll take all of your clips, and compile them into a video, so you can see not only yourself, but all of your peers, taking advantage of summer to its fullest extent.

How to get started:

Once you have your video clip (or multiple video clips – summers are long and eventful!) you can send it to us, using any of these methods:

  • Tweet us: @IUStudentAffs
  • Email us:
  • Submit: Right here in the next section.

Submit Your Video

Send us your content, and keep your eyes peeled for the video, which will be released at the end of this summer! And remember to keep this summer fun and safe!