Commission on Personal Safety

Commission on Personal Safety

The Commission on Personal Safety (CPS) addresses safety concerns that affect all members of the IU Bloomington campus.

Student safety is a priority at Indiana University.

Sexual Assault Education

For information on sexual assault education, prevention, and reporting, click here.

Facilities and Physical Environment

Each semester CPS conducts a "Night Walk" to test and to assess the quality of current campus lighting and to identify any potentially dangerous dark areas on campus.

Outrages are reported to the Physical Plant for repair; areas of concern are reported to the Dean of Students along with recommendations for improvement.

Transportation and Pedestrian Safety

CPS is dedicated to maintaining a safe and reliable transportation infrastructure around campus.

Throughout the semester, we:

  • Respond to concerns about campus buses, crosswalks, and bike path.
  • Educate Hoosiers about bicycyle and pedestrian safety.
  • Make recommendations for bus routes and hours of operation.